Phil’s 5 Best Films of 2009

Phil’s 5 Best Films of 2009

Film of The Year: Slumdog Millionaire (9/10)
In Brief: One of the surprises of the year (India set movie about Who Want’s To be A Millionaire? Really?), Slumdog made you laugh, cry and at times genuinely shocking. Brilliantly directed this was a film that deserved it’s plaudits. And more!

2. Star Trek
In Brief: JJ does good again. Best action film of the year.

3. Gran Torino
In Brief: One of the Definitive Eastwood movies of any decade.

4. Up
In Brief: Will Pixar ever make a bad film? On the evidence of UP probably not…

5. Harry Brown
In Brief: Michael Caine kills hoodies. Say no more.

Bubbling under:
The Wrestler; Bruno; District 9; Coralline; Drag Me To Hell; The Hangover; The Boat That Rocked; Role Models; Inglorious Bastards

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