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One Sentence Reviews… Romero’s Zombies

This Month : George A Romero’s Zombie Movies (and remakes…)

One Sentence Review turns it’s attention to George A Romero movies (and remakes) for it’s latest ‘in a nut shell’ look at films.

Night of The Living Dead
Chilling – the original zombie horror hardly bettered since.

Dawn Of The Dead
Romero’s swipe at consumerism is still as shocking today as it was when it came out. It may have aged but this is still a master class filmmaking from the master of the genre…

Zombie: Dawn Of The Dead

Argento recut of Romero’s original see’ less story and more gore. Which is never a bad thing….

Day of The Dead
Most dystopian of all Romero’s films, ‘Day’ is a terrifying look at the last gasps of a crumbling society you aren’t sure deserves to live

Night of The Living Dead (1990)
Tom Savini directed retelling that is surprisingly ungory, adding little to the original.

Dawn Of The Dead (2004)
Top notch adrenaline fuelled remake that gets pretty much everything right. Romero take note!

Land Of The Dead
Lacklustre return to the genre for Romero that suffers from too many ideas and too little focus.


Diary Of The Dead
Romero’s worst film for years, Diary does nothing for the fans, the director or the genre. Massive letdown.


Day of The Dead (2008)

For those hoping for a modern Snider eek take on Day your hopes will be dashed by this dated, torrid pile of crap.


Survival of The Dead
I take it back, he could fall further. Yes Survival rates up there as one of the worst Zombie films ever.

Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden

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